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If you’re flying Air Canada and want to vary your flight, you will be expected to pay a touch additional for that possibility. Customers are currently being asked to dispense a further $25, and the distinction in price to a dearer flight, betting on once the amendment is requested. purchase airline tickets, realize low-cost fare, minute deals and seat sales with Air North American country.

Book hotels, cars and alter or cancel associate degree existing reservation. Any booking created on Air Canada may be modified on-line up till a pair of hours before departure. If your booking is eligible for on-line changes, the amendment possibility can seem on the page. a while in early March, the airline quietly upped the change-flight fee for its Tango and Flex fares.

Tango: price goes up from $75 to $100.

Flex: price goes up from $50 to $75.

Latitude (unchanged): the value of the fare distinction, if there’s one.

Air Canada’s amendment fees square measure totally different after you create changes at the counter. On Rapid air routes and flights between city, Edmonton and Vancouver, the amendment fee was conjointly multiplied from $75 to $100.

You may cancel your booking on-line if:-

– You originally reserved your flight on Air Canada

– You are cancelling your entire booking.

– You are cancelling your flight a minimum of 2 hours before departure.

You may not cancel your booking on-line if:-

– You reserved your flight through Air North American country Reservations or by another means.

– You’ll need to cancel your flight via an equivalent methodology it had been reserved.

– You are trying to cancel associate degree Aeroplan Reward Booking.

– You need to create a partial cancellation.

If you cancel your booking at time interval of twenty four hours of purchase, we will:-

– Refund the worth of your price and send you a confirmation mail, or

– Cancel the payment and no confirmation mail is sent in this process.