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Flying Tame was a Pleasant Experience

Tame airline change flight

Tame is the main airline of Ecuador. I’ve flown on it a few times now and it is usually a pleasant experience. I used Tame airlines change flight to make my bookings and I got great airfares after calling them for this. I’m glad I chose them and they were able to get me the best Tame airlines change flight fee!

Off to Galapagos

As this time I was off to Galapagos on a vacation via the city of Quito as the flight from America would first take me there. I was landing in Quito for two days from New York by another airline and then had my other flight from Quito to Galapagos the next day by Tame. I thought why not blog about my experience with Tame airlines as people would be keen to know as Galapagos are a unique destination and Tame is one of the only three airlines that flies there. I was happy that I was able to fly and get to these mesmerizing islands after so long, thanks to Tame and Tame airlines change flight! I think it had been almost twelve years since I had last been there. I spent a week on the islands exploring and doing different things. I even went on a cruise.

tame airline change flight

Minor policy at Tame Airlines

I also flew to the Galapagos several years ago in the middle with my baby and I recall that the Minor policy at Tame Airlines was very good. I was allowed to travel with my infant in my lap and the friendly staff was there to assist me when I needed.

The flight attendants offered the passengers a good drink selection when they came around. It was a pleasant thing to see that the beer and wine were free of cost. in English and Spanish and the in-flight magazine were in English and Spanish which was also a nice personal touch from the airline. What is really cool is that if you are from Latin America, Tame gives flights for the legal residents at fifty percent cost! It made me wish I was from Latin America, but nevertheless, I enjoyed flying with them again. 

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