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Tips on How to Travel Light and Make Wonderful Memories


The word travel is in the air, and one is planning a vacation that they do not want to erase from their memory. Booking airline travel is the perfect way to go about it.  A vacation one can capture and tell their grandchildren and grand to grandchildren about. Yes, travelers want this experience to be imprinted in their lives forever and ever.

Today, we want to help you to do this. We want you to understand that a vacation should be exciting and packing should be light. This will only be an advantage to the passenger since the luggage price will be less or even more so null.

“When my mother and I decided to travel she packed my entire wardrobe in a bag. In fact, she packed two big bags just for me! It was hectic, and the worst part was the baggage fee we had to pay. After that trip, I knew traveling light meant a more comfortable trip”

So, keeping a track of the luggage weight is highly essential and we are going to lay down some important tips on how to travel light.

If you are going to indulge in airline travel and are trying to avoid the luggage price then the first thing to do is make sure you take out your small suitcase. This is helpful because the smaller the bag, the lesser the clothes and stuffing are in it. This is actually a very good strategy as it provides restriction to the amount one can carry. So, to avoid luggage price say no to big bags, and yes to small bags!

Second, after one has packed their bags, make sure to weight it in order to avoid baggage fee. Sometimes, people just guess that their bag will be under the limit; however, are found off guard when they reach the airport and are told that the luggage weight is higher than it should be. This only means a very heavy luggage price to be paid! Thus, we suggest you be well prepared and don’t estimate but be sure.

Third, airline travel can be quite exciting and people don’t realize that they are going over-board with packing. Thus, one should not just pack by looking at their things, but make a packing list and stick to it. This is very helpful as it will help one to distinguish between what is necessary and what is not necessary. If you want your luggage weight to not exceed the limit – make sure to stick to your list!

Fourth, vacations can be a very exciting time, tempting people to pack everything and anything for each and every occasion. This point is mainly for those who have a fetish for shoes! “When my mother and I would travel, she’d carry pairs and pairs of shoes for every occasion. Honestly, the luggage fee would be applied only because of the massive amounts of shoes she’d pack. I don’t like shoes much; maybe my mother is the reason behind it” Hence, travel light and pack only what is needed. Sometimes carrying just one pair of shoe can do.

Fifth, it may be cold on the other side, which requires one to carry warm clothes. We all know that winter clothes tend to take up a lot of space thus resulting in high baggage fee. So, be wise when you pack. Buy technical clothing. There are many brands, ranging from high to low prices. One can also carry leggings and thermals to make the winter warm! Tip of the day – pack clothes that are warm, yet thin, so that they don’t take up much space.

Sixth, we all know how important carrying toiletries are. However, in airline travel one needs to keep a track on the luggage price, hence one needs to say goodbye to toiletries. We are not saying that don’t carry anything at all – but carry only that is needed. Toiletries are something that one can get from their vacation hotel as well, and so, there is no point filling your bags up with products that are not needed.

Thus, we suggest one to enjoy their trip by keeping light and ready to explore new things at their destination. While airline travel, luggage weight, and baggage fee can be very hectic and a major concern for many passengers, if you pack light – you are ready to go! Happy journey and a safe flight to all our readers! Stay happy and light.

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