My travel with Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines | Stockholm to Los Angeles

Travel is an important aspect of my life and thus thanks to platforms like Airline Change Flight I am able to travel with a budget and best airline deals. Hence, I booked my Scandinavian Flight through Airline Change Flight and found the very best airline deals, cheap flights, and best airline tickets.

My travel with Scandinavian Airlines

Of course, I booked my tickets instantly through My travel with Scandinavian Airlines Change Flight. Apart from just the booking I could also make changes and modifications when needed. Hence, these could include flight cancellations, understand the flight status, know the pet policy and also the disabled policy.

Altogether, I was at the airport right on time and the boarding took place by the time I reached the gate after all the security check-in. The plane from inside was clean and had a very good scent to it. The flight was going to be for 11 hours and hence, I was geared up with my eye mask and noise cancellation earplugs.

I had absolutely no idea how the time flew by. When they announced that we were going to land in Los Angeles, I fastened my seat belt and was ready for the ride.

Welcome to Los Angeles!

I was thrilled to land here and was geared up to explore various places here. Obviously, I went to the Disney Land park and stayed for an entire day here. It was like revisiting my childhood days and memories. Hence, I also went to the Universal Studios Theme Park, Apart from that I made it a compulsion to visit Hollywood. I also visited Santa Monica!

Apart from just the cultural sightseeing, I also explored the food culture in Los Angeles! Thus, I went to the griddle café, The Prince of Venice Food Truck, and the Wanderlust Creamery for desserts! The food was breathtaking and melted in my mouth. Nevertheless, a brilliant experience

Thus, I had absolutely no clue how these four days went by. My travel with Scandinavian Airlines was memorable and I got to see locations that I had only heard of and never thought I’d visit. The food was also delicious and any joint I went to – none disappointed me!

Thank you Airline Change Flight

Hence, my trip could only happen because of Airline Change Flight. This platform helped me to book best airline deals and find cheap flights with SAS. Altogether, I am an avid traveler and am always looking out for best and cheap deals. Thus, thanks to Airline Change Flight my journey to Los Angeles was worth every penny. Apart from just booking Airline Change Flight also guided me through all my problems and made my journey hassle-free with no stress

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