Singapore Airlines Change Flight

Only tickets purchased from Singapore Airline workplace is modified on-line and as long as you’ve got purchased a fare that permits changes to your flights. To vary the itinerary for a price tag you’ve got purchased from your broker, get in-tuned with them directly.

You’ll cancel your Singapore Airlines {ticket|price tag|} on-line for a refund if you’ve purchased a ticket on a refundable fare. If you cancel a non-refundable price tag, solely the taxes are going to be refunded. The refund is going to be attributable to the credit/debit card accustomed purchase the price tag. In some instances, a cancellation/refund fee might apply.

To qualify for a refund, you want to cancel your price tag inside the point expressed on your Singapore Airlines Booking. If you’ve purchased a price tag for a flight to or from the USA, you’ll cancel your price tag while not penalty inside twenty-four hours of your airline booking – as long as it’s quite per week before your flight departs. to make sure that you simply get a full refund, your cancellation should be created together with your native Singapore Airlines workplace. Always make changes with flight details.

Please scan the fare terms and conditions before buying your price tag on our web site, or discuss with your broker or native Singapore Airlines workplace. When you fly with Singapore Airline, we provide you a generous baggage allowance across all categories of travel. If your baggage exceeds this free allowance, further baggage charges can apply. we tend to square measure unable to just accept any item higher than 32kg as checked baggage, and this stuff would need to be re-packed or sent as a consignment.

For itineraries from the U.S.A, you’ll be able to pre-purchase any combination of the following:-

– Up to 2 further baggage items in more than the number of items allowed free,

– Or further weight for every piece of bags within the free baggage allowance that exceeds the burden limit within the category of travel,

– Or outsize baggage for every piece of bags among the free baggage allowance that its add of length, weight, and height exceeds 158cm.

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