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TAME Airline

TAME Airline was founded in 1962, headquarters at Quito, Ecuador. TAME Airline was founded by the Air Force of Ecuador. It provides international, domestic and charter flights.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport is the hub of TAME Airline. It’s also a hub of LATAM Ecuador and Avianca Ecuador airlines.

Here are some TAME Airlines services like Baggage Fee and Policy, Routes, Pet Policy, Concession for Physically Handicapped, make TAME reservation, Physically Handicapped FEES and Charges, checked baggage, cabin baggage, free baggage allowance, etc.

TAME Airline Baggage Fee and Policy:

There is free baggage allowance on some routes while you are flying with TAME Airlines.


1. If you are traveling between the U.S. and South America (Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru), the free baggage allowance for two bags each 23kg (50lb) each and dimension will be 158 Centimetres (62 inch).

2. If you are traveling between South America (Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru), the free baggage allowance for two bags each 23kg (50lb) each and dimension will be 158 Centimetres (62 inch).

3. If you are traveling with Domestic Flights (Quito, Lago Agrio, Salinas, Cuenca, Rosa, Loja, Guayaquil, Santa Rosa, Esmeraldas, Manta), you can carry only one free bag of 23 kg (50lb).

4. If you are traveling to Galapagos Islands (Baltra or San Cristobal), you will get free baggage allowance on 2 pieces both weighing 23 kg in total.

5. If you are traveling between Cali and Ecuador, there will be free baggage allowance on 2 pieces both weighing 23 kg in total.

NOTE:  If there is third baggage it will consider excess baggage.

a) Children under age 2 years  (infants) has right to a baggage allowance of 1 piece of 23 kg (50lb) if traveling from or through the USA, and for the other routes 1 piece of 15 kg (33lb).

b) If children whose age is over 2 years they have the same baggage allowance as adults.

TAME Airline Pet Policy:

TAME Airlines transport two animals inside the cabin on flights. Only dogs and cats older than 8 weeks old will transport by TAME. If you are traveling to the United States, then dogs and cats are at least 4 months or older.
Other animals rather than dogs and cats, will be transported by TAME Cargo.

Service Fee for certain International Destinations$75 plus taxes
Service Fee for Domestic Destinations$20 plus taxes

Service fee and charges will be collected at the TAME check-in counter.

Animal container size should be 58cm long x 40cm wide and 23cm deep. The container should be an approved model. The pet must fit comfortably in the container; the pet must be able to move inside the container.

Total weight of the pet and the container do not exceed than 7 kg.

If you are traveling with a pet then you should request TAME Airline at least 48 hours before the trip.

NOTE: Carry certificate from a veterinarian, issued 10 days before the flight. Also, carry vaccination certificates or medical records.

Only one pet dog or cat will be carry in the cabin, depending on the space available on each aircraft.

Concession for Physically Handicapped in TAME Airlines:

TAME Airlines follow the rules of the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). The purpose of ACAA is to ensure that passenger with physical disabilities cannot be discriminated by airline, because of disability.

To make TAME reservation call reservations center, TAME representatives are well trained to accommodate your special needs. The airline should know:

1. Whether you need assistance to/from the ticket counter and departure gate.
2.  Traveling with a service animal.
3. Traveling with mobility or other assistive devices.
4.  If using wheelchair inform reservations representative whether you:
a) Can walk to an assigned seat.
b) Can go up and down steps.
c) Traveling with a personal care attendant

Other Information Reservations Representative needs:

1. Are you blind or have limited eye sight.
2. Are you deaf, deaf blind or hard of hearing?
3. Are you traveling with a Service Animal?
4. Are you traveling with Personal Portable Oxygen Concentration?
5. Any other special request.

Inform gate staff if you have a hearing or vision disability.

TAME Airlines Physically HandicappedFEES /Charges :

For disable person there is no weight limit for assistive devices. Assistive devices accepted as checked baggage or cabin baggage.
The only primary assistive device will be accepted free of charge.