Virgin Atlantic Airline Change Flight

With Virgin Atlantic Airline you’ll cancel your booking while not charge any penalty until twenty-four hours of creating your reservation. Please contact to Airline Service Centre to cancel your booking. If you have got a versatile or semi-flexible price tag you’ll be able to modification the date outside of this time frame. Fees vary therefore you ought to contact your broker or our client Service Centre for specific data.

If you’re because of travel at intervals seven days of creating your booking, you’ll incur a date modification fee. once getting a versatile price tag online, you want to request changes to your flight details, contact Virgin Atlantic‘s reservation line. No name changes are allowed.

Reckoning on your price tag, you’ll not be ready to create any changes. you’ll be able to pay to envision in further baggage (weighing up to 23kg each) per person over and on top of any free baggage allowance, you’ll have. If you are in Economy light, you can select a quality seat on-line free throughout the on-line register.

On-line register opens twenty-four hours before the scheduled time of departure, if you are motion in Economy Classic, Economy Delight, Premium or upper category, then you’ll go for your seat free at any time. Charges apply for upgrades, that vary in value per cabin and may fluctuate at any time, looking on market conditions.

If your ticket is non-reimbursable looking on the guideline of the ticket you have got purchased, you will be able to use the worth towards a future flight. If your flight was off or delayed, please use the reimburse exception kind.

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